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Sepia – one of the staining techniques (toning) prints, mainly used to increase the durability of prints.


This is done in two baths. The first solution (eg. Hexacyanoferrate (III) potassium) switches in the form of silver ion and discoloration prints. The second solution (eg. Sodium sulfide, thiourea) precipitated in dark places pictures silver sulfide. Print toned in this way has characteristic brown color. (Quote Wikipedia)

 At a time when the stability of photographic materials has substantially improved more rarely seen images in sepia. They were replaced by black and white prints, often with a pitch black shadows. Pictures lost their delicacy, they became downright aggressive, attacking the viewer’s eyes high contrast and sharpness of detail. The entrance to the widespread use of color photography has resulted in a wealth of photos with sharp, vivid colors. Somewhere in obscurity fell softly silhouetted lenses, cap softening the image correction filters gently transforming individual colors in a full range of shades of gray.

 In the era of digital photography, the images stored digitally emulated, and in many cases exceeded the quality of images obtained from negatives made ​​analog cameras, the makers of graphics programs offer newer digital filter sets the use of which is to imitate as closely as possible the effects achieved in ancient techniques of traditional analogue photography. It features got such filters as pinhole, grainy black and white film, toning light and pastel colors, black and white photograph and a photograph in sepia. And again, our eyes can enjoy watching the images in delicate shades of olive-brown, and we reviewing pictures the impression that we are moving in the early years of our grandmother and grandparents.

 Feel free to view photos, hoping that the positive experience challenges you to revisit my humble page. I cordially greet.


Posted 11 listopada 2012 by andipab

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  1. Merci d’avoir visité mon blog. Je te découvre et constate beaucoup de photos intéressantes. Certaines sont superbes.



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