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Posted 30 grudnia 2010 by andipab

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  1. Bardzo ciekawe fotografie.

  2. Rozwijasz sie Andrzejku i tak trzymać!!!

  3. I have seen your photo gallery. That´s the kind of picture i like. But dont understand anything of the text, and my english is so awfull.
    Keep going. Quality in a really good way. Continue, just for yourself, as aI do.
    Nice to find your job. Saludos.

    • Thank you for visit :) I am glad that my photographs pleased . My english is so awful also, therefore I write in my native language. For the understanding of the meaning of the text helpful are multi language translator (Google or Bing), but without the good knowledge of the language is very difficulty to write the blog using language translator. Too bad that all people in the world do not use one language ;) Heartily I greet from Poland.

  4. You are a great photographer, with a great sensitivity for the nature and the everyday details. Best regards.

  5. intriguing

    BLaine Robert Parker
  6. Your Mr Frog is brilliant!


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