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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the gray of the day – only b&w photography



Posted 16 listopada 2014 by andipab

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  1. You succeed magnificently! No words needed!😁👍

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  2. Thank you for your visit :)
    „About” was created 9 years ago from import during the transition from WindowsLife Space. It is in Polish and has not been translated into English. Language interpreters (Google translator, Bing translator) help to understand the text and translate visited pages efficiently.
    Initially, the blog was to be devoted to the technique of photography, related tips and thoughts on contemporary photography. Over time, it evolved into a portal with photographs without texts about photographing. The photograph itself has to tell. May like or dislike. It can cause reflection and prompt you to comment.
    Best regards, Andrzej.

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  3. Had a quick look at your About page to leave a note there – I don’t understand a word of it – BUT, your photos are enough! Stunning!
    Thanks for following and visiting OMBH – I hope you find a smile or six when you visit!

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  4. Dzieło posty, dobre blogu.
    Witamy zobaczyć moje projekty:

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  5. :)


  6. Thank you for following my blog, nice to meet your photography on the net!



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