L’Arpeggiata & Lucilla Galeazzi – Diridindin :) Voglio Una Casa

I want a house, I want it beautiful
Full of light like a star
Full of sunshine and luck
And above the roof the moon rises
Full of laughter, full of tears
Home I dream of you, I dream of you a lot
Diridindindin, Diridindin …

I want a home, for many people
I want it solid and welcoming,
Robust and warm, simple and true
To make us music in the morning and in the evening
And poetry has its bed
I want to live under that roof.
Diridindindin, Diridindin …

I want every house that is inhabited
And nobody sleeps on the street anymore
Like a dog begging
Because he has nowhere to go
Like a spit-treated beast
And nobody, nobody helps him.
Diridindindin, Diridindin …

I want a home for the boys,
who never know where to meet
and for the old, capacious houses
that they can live with relatives
inexpensive homes, for families
and that sons and daughters be born to us.
Diridindindin, Diridindin …

Posted 7 października 2021 by andipab in Somewhere in my soul

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