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Posted 25 listopada 2016 by andipab in Gdynia, Nature, OMD, Polska, Scenery, Sky, Zuiko Digital 25mm 1:2,8

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  1. I will :)

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  2. Lena, whether you tried to take a photograph the landscape, when for the human eye is almost the total darkness. If not, try this. Heartily I greet, Andrew. :)

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  3. Absolutely!

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  4. :)


  5. Wow, cool sky!

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  6. The sensitivity of the sensor in the camera is greater than the human eye, and the arising signal in the sensor of the camera can be strengthened by the electronics. In the weak lighting of the picture seen through human eye are interpreted by the brain and as if strengthened earlier seen pictures recorded in our memory.

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  7. :)


  8. stunning take

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  9. It is very dark now, and without the snow even more dark. It is interesting how the camera catches things not visible to the eye.

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  10. Increasingly shorter days. To the work I go out darking and I return, once it gets dark. The moment was when the sky had a more ominous view, but I could not photograph. This obsolescent transillumination of clouds managed to obtain thanks to the sensor of the camera. For the human eye the transillumination of clouds was already almost invisible.


  11. The light in the many windows gives the image a very welcomming sense, but the sky is kind of sinister. A great contradiction that makes a thrilling photo.

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  12. Wow! :) :)

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