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Posted 19 września 2016 by andipab in art, close-up, OMD, The detail, The still life, Toruń

7 responses to “Frogs

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  1. I really like the soft lines in this picture and I wonder if any of these frogs are my Prins ;-)

    • Thank you Lena. Nice bokeh of the new lens Meike 28mm f2,8 (APS-C). It is small, cheap, manual, the good brand the lens. It is my first photograph made with this lens. I suppose that this will be one of my favourite lenses.
      Which frog is the prince? It is necessary to come to Poland, to Toruń. Frogs are waiting for kisses on The Old Town not far the Town hall. One kiss can explain all. ;D

  2. these frogs are amazing

  3. Thats nice, a new lens that you like.
    Well about the Frogs and princes… I don’t know :-)

  4. Gdzież to jest? Bo wygląda znajomo :)


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