The still life with lemons   11 Komentarzy



Posted 26 Maj 2016 by andipab in close-up, OMD, Scenery, The detail, The still life

11 responses to “The still life with lemons

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  1. Love it ! (the lemon and the photo)

  2. Wonderful photo!

  3. So beautiful!

  4. I like the lines and colours but also all those surfaces … won’t you also show this image in greyscales?

    • In a moment I will show the photograph in the greyscale :)
      In the photochromy pleases to me the composition of colours of yellow and bronze, supplemented with the blue afterglow.

  5. I like both the color and black and white

  6. I can see life in that glass :) :) Have a great week!


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