Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com !   30 Komentarzy

5 Year Anniversary Achievement

How the time quickly elapses.

Passed 5 years as I registered on WodrPress.com.

On this occasion I wanted to thank to all visiting for comments, likings and the motivation to further blogging.



Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

“The light”


Posted 2 października 2015 by andipab in Bez kategorii

30 responses to “Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com !

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  1. Buon anniversario!!
    Saluti, Pat

  2. 5 years ! Congratulations !

  3. Gratulacje! 5-ka to piękne święte :)

  4. Felicitaciones. Saludos

  5. congratulations!!

  6. Your work is consistently excellent. I am glad to be among those following you and commenting. Congratulations!

  7. Many many congratulations. :-)

  8. Happy WordPress-Aniversary, Andy! I like to along with your virtual path since MSN even longer, and it is all amazing, how you are imaging your surroundings. (-:

    • Yes, I remember blogging on MSN. After the carriage on WordPress I could not turn up. In the intention this was the blog about photographing. In the course of time photos are only and hidden in them emotions and longings behind this what left or soon will pass. The nearest environment hides so much beautiful images which often we do not notice. Heartily I greet, Andi.

  9. Congratulations to 5 years

  10. Happy Anniversary :)

  11. Enhorabuena por estos 5 años y gracias por compartir con todos tu blog.

  12. Felicidades!!

  13. Many happy returns of the day. Feliz aniversario. Joyeux anniversaire. :)
    Gratulacje! (Just saw it above. Don’t know what language it is but I’m sure I know what it means. Maybe I’ve just started a new language.


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