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Posted 11 kwietnia 2015 by andipab in Faun

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  1. Sweet kitteh

  2. Fantastique!
    Those Girls – Karen Harding

  3. wonderful

  4. A beautiful image of peace and serenity…

  5. Relly cute!! Great photo!

  6. Koty są słodkie :)

  7. Lovely cat pose. I adore cats and always had them as a child. Now – only dogs. My husband doesn’t like cats…when he was a youngster his sisters cat used to pee in his books…

  8. I must say – I enjoyed Warsaw last week. The Old town great and I also visited, among others (thank you for your advice!), ther University Library and Kopernicus centre. The jewish cemetery was fantastic. I went to the gallery Agra Art to see Jacec Yerkas art – admire him greatly. Had a nice chat with the person in charge too.

    • I am very glad that the trip to Warsaw liked you. In Poland there are many towns and places to visit … eg. The city Gdańsk, Toruń, Cracow, and others, all related to the rich history of Polish. Surely you know the music of Chopin. Worth visiting places associated with him such as Zelazowa Wola, Szafarnia- … after such a visit, otherwise you will hear the sounds coming from the piano.
      I cordially greet and welcome to Polish, Andrew.

      • Thank you, Andrew! I saw the Chopin building in Warsaw too – his wonderful music was played outside. I loved visiting ghdansk last year, and my next goal is Crakow. I’d love to visit the countryside as well, but I think it would maybe be difficult to understand each other. Polish is difficult, and maybe in the countryside they do not speak that much English? Thank you for good tips!


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