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Posted 14 marca 2015 by andipab in Gdynia, Scenery, Sea, The Polish landscape

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  1. Beautiful! Love how the picture combines so many lines to follow. Great picture!

  2. they look a bit like teeth

  3. There’s history to those stumps

    • Yes, it is :)
      In occupied Polish were two torpedoes Nazi research centers. Both located in Gdynia (then – Gotenhafen): Torpedowaffenplatz Hexengrund at Babi Dole (today Babie Doly) and Torpedo Versuchsanstalt Oxhoft Oksywie. TWP was a research center of the Luftwaffe (Nazi aviation), TVA – Navy (Navy Nazi). Both research centers, although formally independent from each other, were connected by narrow-gauge railway (nicknamed by the Germans themselves maliciously Kashubian express train) – runs along the beach from the port Oksywie to the resort in Babie Doly. TWP worked mainly on air torpedoes, TVA – acoustic. Resorts also benefited from a common training ground on the bay of Gdansk, at the height of Jastarni, located 12 km from the TWP. Workshops torpedo torpedo had Gerätewerk Pommern Madüsee, lakeside Miedwie (near Szczecin).


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