Autumn farewell (wild-gooses)   19 Komentarzy



Posted 1 października 2014 by andipab in Chmury, Fauna, Nature, Niebo, Scenerie, Wildlife

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19 responses to “Autumn farewell (wild-gooses)

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  1. They come to me until spring :)
    wonderful photo !!!!!

  2. this is wonderful!

  3. A fantastic sight beautifully captured.

  4. and where is Nils? ; )

  5. Stunning shot here, MM 🍀

  6. Excellent

  7. During the last week, I had seen the wild geese from north and east flying over my home at least 4-5 times a day in big flocks, even at night. It seems, the cold and winterly breath of late autumn is coming nearer and nearer..

    • Wild geese flying through the night, but at dawn I could photograph them. A lot of wild birds flew away earlier than usual. You’re right that the cold weather will visit us soon. I send so nice and warm regards, Andrew.

  8. excellent!

  9. Wow! Lovely.


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