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Posted 1 sierpnia 2014 by andipab in Polska, Refleksje

5 responses to “Warsaw uprising

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  1. Awesome!

  2. War is always dirty, sad, useless and we lose loved people and for many generations it hurts and it has bad effects. So why do we not learn in our world?
    This little film impresses me!

    • This is a very good question: why do we not learn in our world? Why is history still repeats? In connection with the situation in Ukraine again we are at a turning point of history? I hope that does not happen.

      • We do not learn, because we are not so intelligent as we think we are. And when we live in a better period we forget the sad and brutal period. And we are never content. Everybody has a good and a bad side I think.We should try not to give much importance to money and force.We should try to respect live. And all this seems to be impossible. I try it on a small scale.
        Have a good time…and when people talk about what is going wrong, there is still hope :-)

  3. Brigit you are absolutely right. Thank you for your comment and warmly greet, Andrew :D .


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