The cup   11 Komentarzy


The silent participant of hot discussions,

the quiet witness of fervent confessions and fiery feelings,

beautiful in her fragility, it stands solitarily, out of use,

the symbol of the time of the joy and the souvenir after already absent.


Posted 21 czerwca 2014 by andipab in Emocje, Martwa natura, Refleksje, Scenerie

11 responses to “The cup

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  1. The image is so soft. Kind of emotional.

    Started to write poetry?

  2. Lovely.

  3. Calm & inviting…

  4. Just amazed..the picture, the narration..
    The „silent participant of hot discussions. „..
    Very true, very profound..
    Happy to be here I am!!

  5. I Like

  6. Gorgeous and creative poem and photo.


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